Friday, July 24, 2009


looming from the battle,

her courage will never fade.

amidst the hardship

she has remained

undaunted and unafraid.

she is calm and composed,

she is God's lovely maid.


Kurog said...

Not being negative here but prayers won't make her well... No matter how much healing masses will be held for her, it won't work!

Lalo na yang mga healing masses na started by politicians? Lalo lang sasama ang kalagayan ni Mrs. Aquino... Kasi, pakitang tao lang yang mga healing masses na yan eh... nagpapabango lang ng pangalan ang mga pulitikong yan... Kung gusto nilang gumaling si Mrs. Aquino, they should go to their rooms, turn down the lights, and pray silently...

Even you guys, na nagpopost ng yellow ribbons sa blogs nila, that won't work... Say silent prayers for her... No offense to anyone but as the bible says, prayers made in public won't be answered...

JIMG29 said...

ito ang 'yong palagay at maaaring wala akong magagawa upang tutulan ang kurog-Kurog mo, and i value your opinion.

bible, prayers, faith, and politics in the same breath somehow never mix as much as mere posting of yellow ribbons nor the wishful thinking for alleviating one's pain.

but i only got the utmost respect for our beloved former president, Mrs. Cory Aquino, and her place in history; even when Philippines don't seem to think so.

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